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WATS/SkyWATS from Virinco

Give a meaning to your test data : discover WATS solution !

Neosoft Technologies Inc. established a partnership with Virinco in order to help you address the management of your test data thanks to WATS software platform.

WATS software platform
Many companies have production test systems in place to ensure product compliance before it goes on the market. Sometimes, however, despite of the tests carried out in production, some products do not meet the expectations of the customers in terms of quality and longevity.

It is then vital to have a solution to make the best use of the data collected during the production tests and on the repair stations in order to ensure the reliability of products quality. The analysis of these data makes it possible to give indicators quantifying the relevance of the tests, to ensure better traceability and to continuously optimize the production processes both internally and with external suppliers.

WATS solution makes it possible to use your existing test systems to analyze the data produced in order to calculate indicators quantifying the relevance of your measurements in production as well as the quality of the products under test. Thus, by presenting the data in a clear and intuitive way you can control and optimize your validation process of the units under test, detect drift quality and ensure traceability.

The WATS solution can be seen as a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), a system that manages manufacturing operations and test data in production. This platform enables the control and automation of the workflow, the distribution of test software as well as information on products and production.

WATS can be seen as a “plug in” for traditional MES, or as a stand-alone system to bridge the gap between an ERP and the test and manufacturing environment. The system consists of 4 main modules:

  • Workflow Manager
  • Software Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Manual inspection


Whole system can be used through a powerful, reactive and customizable web interface.

The system for collecting and interpreting data can be hosted on a physical server at the customer floor or in the “cloud” (SkyWATS system). Depending on options selected and access rights, users of WATS solution can access:

  • Units test reports
  • Units repaire reports
  • Traceability data
  • Statistical analysis (Yield, SPC, Cpk, Trends, Gage R&R, …)
  • Failure Root cause analysis
  • Geographical positioning of test systems and facilities
  • Dashboard creation
Neosoft Technologies Inc. added value
Neosoft Technologies Inc., through its advanced experience with production test systems, can guide you through the process of adopting WATS solution. We will help you choose the the right options according to your specifications and we will take care of the specific developments necessary to connect to your existing information system.

Thus, if you choose the WATS solution, Neosoft Technologies Inc. can develop for you:

  • Plugins to connect to your ERP / MES
  • TestStand test sequences integrating WATS custom steps
  • Integration of the complete WATS test and analysis platform

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